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Additional Literature

Material here is provided for topics that are not discussed in the textbook but are useful in project work involving system integration. The material deals primarily with design optimization of systems and demonstrates how basic concepts developed in the textbook can be used to develop new models of product development processes using the optimization paradigm.

Most of the material here has resulted from research work conducted at the Optimal Design Laboratory at the University of Michigan and more comprehensive information can be found in its publications [Optimal Design Laboratory]

  • Optimal Design of Large-Scale System
    A presentation of the key issues involved when attempting design optimization of large, complex systems, including decomposition, partitioning and coordination.
    [Click to Download] (830 Kbyte)

  • Analytical Target Cascading (ATC)
    Analytical target cascading is a formal multilevel hierarchical optimization process. The formulation addresses the problem of propagating design targets through a hierarchically partitioned product development process, so that the local targets are consistent with each other and with the overall top level targets.
  • Introduction of ATC
    Short Description [Click to Download] (97.9 KByte)

    Presentation document by M. Kokkolaras as an ME 555 Guest Lecture in Winter 2004.
    [Click to Download] (200 KByte)
  • ATC and Design of Product Families: Case Studies
    A Presentation Document by M. Kokkolaras about Analytical Target Cascading in Optimal System Design and Development of Product Families.
    Presented as an ME 555 Guest Lecture in Winter 2004.
    [Clcik to Download] (2.45 MByte)



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